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  • 7合1多功能足部訓練器

     » 個人復康

    OrthoSleeve 美國 FOOT GYM 71 多功能足部減壓器

    • 專利71功能設計,包括腳趾彎曲、屈起、足部背屈、足底筋膜牽拉、按摩、提小腿及小腿牽拉
    • 斜台上為防滑軟墊,防止訓練時意外滑倒
    • 附一個按摩滾筒,可進行冷/熱按摩
    • 3種不同阻力的訓練軟管
    • 內附相關動作及使用說明三級長度調校,適合絕大部分人士使用
    • 防滑軟墊經抗菌處理
    • 安全有效,可安心進行訓練,不需擔心跌倒
    • 受足科醫生、脊醫、物理治療師、運動訓練員等推崇及使用



  • Paingone Pen(英國制造)

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    PainGone 止痛修護筆(可用10萬次)


    特  性﹕





    --PainGone Pen is an easy to use, self-contained device to address pain with the click of a button.

    --PainGone Pen delivers a controlled electronic frequency straight to the point of pain.

    --PainGone is a pocket sized drug-free therapy device that offers you fast and effective relief from pain quickly and discreetly. The PainGone pen is clinically proven and has applications

    across many diseases and causes of pain. If suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, osteoporosis, PainGone pen is a clinically tested alternative to many

    traditional relief therapies.

    --There are many benefits of using the PainGone Pen over other forms of relief. The ease, speed and flexibility of the PainGone have made it the preferred drug-free therapy for millions of

    sufferers across the globe.


    Benefits of PainGone:-

    --It is simple to use, merely place the PainGone Pen on the point required, and click 30 – 40 times. It only takes a minute and PainGone is just as effective over clothing, giving you instant relief where ever you are, whenever you need it

    --  PainGone is drug-free and totally safe alternative relief treatment means it can be used as often as you like. Whenever you feel a twinge, ache or throb, PainGone is just a click away. - A great advantage of the PainGone pen over traditional TENS machines is that it can be used over light clothing so there is no need to undress

    -- PainGone can be used directly on the skin or through clothing, meaning you can use this alternative relief treatment wherever you are, whenever you need it- PainGone is a 30 second treatment and easy to use

    -- It is light weight and portable so there are no restrictions on when and where it can be used- It does not require pads or gel which can irritate the skin, and no batteries or maintenance is needed.How to use PainGone:Hold PainGone in your hand and firmly wrap index finger around the metal ring. Place tip of PainGone wherever it’s needed. PainGone is designed to work within a 15cm radius. Click the red push-button 30 to 40 times. For best results use PainGone on a regular and consistent basis. PainGone can also be used in conjunction with acupuncture points.



  • Posture Medic 醫學矯正肩頸姿勢帶(2用)熱賣品

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    Posture Medic 醫學矯正肩頸姿勢帶(持長者咭九折)

    1. 專業設計,用於矯正肩頸姿勢至正常位置﹔

    2. 彈性乳膠管不會影響血液循環﹔

    3. 亦可用來作全身運動,達至肩頸肌肉鬆弛、強化﹔

    4. 對長者或發育年齡或姿勢不正確者有顯著效果。


    1. 一物兩用、方便配戴、隨時可使用﹔

    2. 能有效改善姿勢﹔

    3. 運動強化肌肉,能有效鞏固姿勢﹔

    3. 每次15分鐘,一天只用3、4次便立見功效。




    Posture Medic

    1.  improve your posture, strength and tone by Posture Medic

    2. Stretch, Strengthen, & Stabilize

    3. Easy to Use

    4. Most Ages & Abilities

    5. Most Ages & Abilities

    6. Immediate Results

    7. Wear Anywhere!

    Program Levels

    INACTIVE — Posture Rehab Program
    This program is suggested for anyone that does not regularly exercise and whose work or daily activities do not create an active lifestyle. This level is also suggested for anyone whose visual posture is extremely poor in their natural standing or sitting position, regardless of activity level.

    ACTIVE — Posture Health Program
    This program is suggested for anyone that does not actively strength train but who exercises regularly or whose work or daily activities create an active lifestyle.

    ATHLETIC — Posture Performance Program
    This program is suggested for anyone who actively strength trains at least 3-4 times per week or who is considered an athlete. However, if posture is visually poor, beginning with Posture Medic Plus but following the INACTIVE is suggested to begin posture training. This can address the possibility of tightened pectoral muscles in the early stages.


    — 75% of the population should begin with the Original Strength before advancing to the Plus Strength.
    — Obese individuals may require the Plus Strength regardless of activity level to support bulk in the chest area.

    Price:409(holding elderly card 10% off)





  • Thera-Band美國手部練力球

     » 個人復康


    1. 不同顏色的球提供不同的抗阻力以供選擇,

    2. 適合鍛鍊手掌、手指及前臂,可肋減壓及加強手握力,

    3. 並能增加活動能力及靈活性,改善細微動作的技巧。

    4. 可放在微波爐加熱作熱療,或放在雪櫃內冷凍作冷療之用。



  • 呼吸運動裝置Respiprogram

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    1. 600、900和1200毫升/秒,每一個都包含一個球在不同尺寸和顏色。

    2. 提出了一個特殊的塑膠抑制細菌生長的管和作出的喉舌。

    3. 患者應遵循醫生或治療師的指示,然則持續做呼吸練習。

    4. Respiprogram是一個病人的設備,有良好的衛生清洗設備和條件。

    The RESPIPROGRAM has three chambers representing the flow values:

    1. 600、900和1200cc/second,each one containing a ball different in dimension and colour.

    2. Provided with tube and mouthpiece made of a special plastic which restrain the bacteria grow.

    3. The patient should follow the instruction of the doctor ot therapist, and then hold the respiration to do training.

    4. RESPIPROGRAM is a single patient device and can be dissembled and washed for a hygience condition.

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